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Clients hire us for three key reasons: experience, independence and effectiveness.

  • Our employees have over 20 years’ experience on average in geothermal energy drilling, exploration and production.
  • Unlike competitors, we own no drilling rigs or equipment, allowing us to make engineering and on-site management recommendations unbiased by conflicting business concerns.
  • Clients testify to our track record of successful well completions and effective drilling cost controls under often difficult circumstances.

Geothermal Resource Group is led by founder William “Bill” Rickard, P.E. Bill is recognized as an expert and innovator in geothermal drilling engineering, with over 30 years of experience in the geothermal industry. Our management and field operations staff is comprised of experienced personnel who are directly supervised by Bill Rickard in the art of drilling a geothermal well the Rickard way.

Our company has experience with both domestic and international project management. We have consulted on a variety of complex projects in locations that range from urban to remote. In Africa, we are managing a drilling program located within a Kenyan national park, adding strict environmental constraints to the already complex logistics of coordinating shipments of heavy-equipment and management of multi-national crews. Domestically, we are known for our expertise and are regularly contracted by geothermal producers, utilities and governmental agencies for our integrated approach to operations. We are often called upon to handle critical issues, and have stepped in to perform successful workovers, completions and problem well interventions where others have failed.

Geothermal Resource Group is truly independent, as we do not own any drilling rigs or related heavy equipment. This means that we are fair and unbiased in our choice of equipment and assessment of on-site conditions, and can make recommendations to operators without chance of partiality. Independence from specific service companies and product lines also means that we can choose the best product for the job, maximizing quality while minimizing downtime and repairs.

We realize that cost is an important factor in all business operations, and perform with the goal of minimizing costs while still achieving maximum results for our clients. Our integrated approach to operations and innovative drilling methods aims to minimize both drilling time and cost. We are proud to have an ongoing record of completing projects on time and under budget, and have built a strong list of repeat clients based upon our history of success.