Step-Rate Formation Integrity Test Method for Geothermal Wells

Obtaining fracture gradient data is a critical objective in oil, gas, and geothermal well drilling, from the well construction perspective. Fracture gradient data is important for properly executing many drilling phases and maintaining safe practices. Applying proper well design techniques ensures that a well can be shut in safely, mitigates underground well control issues Availability of fracture gradient data also results in significant improvements to the design and reduces the cost of future wells in the same field by allowing for the determination of the minimum number of casing strings required for safe drilling and completion. Thus, measuring the fracture gradient at relevant depths in a well is critical to reducing well cost, producing a safe well design and reducing the likelihood of downhole well control incidents. The step rate formation integrity test method is a safe and practical method of measuring the fracture gradient and leak-off pressure of a well while minimizing the risk of causing lost circulation.

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