Akutan Geothermal Area Exploration Results and Pre-Drilling Resource Model

In August 2012, the City of Akutan completed an exploration program to further characterize the geothermal resource and to select drilling targets in the geothermal resource area on Akutan Island near Hot Springs Bay Valley. The exploration program included geologic mapping, a magnetotelluric (MT) survey, and a gravity survey. The program built on previous exploration, which included an MT survey, a geologic reconnaissance field study, soil and soil gas geochemical surveys, a satellite remote sensing study, a review of existing hot springs geochemistry data, drilling of two temperature gradient wells, and development of a conceptual model. The culmination of the 2012 work was to use 3D visualization of the data to advance the conceptual model and select deep drilling targets. Access requirements were taken into account in selection of the surface locations; underground targets will be reached using directional drilling.

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