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Geothermal Services

GRG offers comprehensive geothermal development and management services, plus customized solutions to suit specific needs. Whether your project requires complete on-site supervision or selective injection testing and well repairs, our drilling engineers have the expertise to initiate, complete, and operate your project more efficiently.

Drilling Engineering

Our versatile drilling department offers a complete range of well design and construction services to meet specific client requirements:

  • Design geothermal wells
  • Design drilling programs
  • Onsite management
  • Drilling supervision
  • Handle permitting applications
  • Handle regulatory filings

Resource Quantification

  • Design & supervise geothermal well flow tests
  • Test and analyze to quantify productive capacity
  • Construct and operate computer models to evaluate resource capacity
  • Estimate productive lifetime
  • Determine optimal development strategies

Special operations

Help clients deal with the challenging and costly problems that accompany geothermal drilling, production and well field maintenance. We are specialists in:

  • Problem well intervention,
  • Lost circulation management,
  • Over-pressured,
  • Under-balanced drilling,
  • High alloy casing,
  • foam cementing,
  • Forked-hole completions and
  • Well workover challenges.

In addition we also offer training in the form of both classroom and onsite educational courses for geothermal operating employees, operations engineers and drilling personnel.