Raft River Project

Location: TBD

Project Overview:

GRG was called upon for their expertise to engineer and oversee the well work-over program including fishing jobs for equipment removal and the opening of flapper valves installed by the DOE to prevent the resource from flowing under artesian pressure. Of particular concern was the freeing of a stuck downhole pump from one of the wellbores which previous parties had been unable to remove. Showing innovation of technique, GRG brought in a large vibrating pile driver, a device not known to have been used before in drilling applications. A steel plate was welded to the head of the stuck pump and the pile driver was clamped to the plate. Within minutes, and on the first attempt, the vibrations successfully released the pump and it was pulled from the well.

Project Results:

GRG accomplished successful work-overs of all four wells, which flow tested favorably and are being used to produce electricity for the project to this date. Due in large part to the efforts and expertise of GRG staff members the project was completed on time, on budget and was successful on the initial attempt.