Large Scale Direct Use - The Peppermill Resort Casino

Location: Reno, Nevada

Project Overview:

Geothermal Resource Group provided engineering and on-site supervision for the drilling of a production and injection well for a direct use geothermal system at the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino in Reno, Nevada.

The idea of harnessing geothermal energy for heating and cooling was not new in the Reno area. Reno is home to a number of large-scale geothermal plants, three publicly held geothermal companies, and the Great Basin Geothermal Energy Center at the University of Nevada. The Peppermill took a good thing one step further, deciding to install their own direct use system by drilling hot water production and reinjection wells into an underground reservoir of natural hot water located directly beneath their hotel. The Peppermill is currently the only casino resort in the United States heated by geothermal energy produced on the immediate property.

Geothermal energy now heats 100 percent of the resort’s domestic water and mechanical heat throughout their 2.1 million-square-foot facility, effectively replacing the natural gas boilers that had previously been used. The installed geothermal system will help the Peppermill reduce its dependency on fossil fuels, lower greenhouse gas emissions and save the company over a million dollars per year in natural gas use.

Project Results:

The drilling work done at the Peppermill holds significance as the largest drilling program performed inside the urban area of Reno. GRG staff ensured that the project was executed with a minimum of noise or disruption. Without the large sign that the Peppermill displayed near the drilling site during this time, which called attention to the resort’s green energy efforts, the casual observer or hotel guest may not have even noticed the drilling rig partially hidden behind one of the large hotel towers, tapping into the energy of the Earth.