Notable Projects


Founded in 1992 by William “Bill” Rickard, Geothermal Resource Group, Inc. (GRG) has become a leader in the global geothermal industry. Drawing of many years of field experience in geothermal drilling around the world, GRG began by providing drilling engineering consulting services to the geothermal industry. Seeing the benefits of expert drilling engineering, our customers began to request on-site drilling supervision services to ensure that these engineering designs were correctly applied in the field. GRG responded by providing the most experienced, responsible, skilled well site supervisors available in the industry. Some geothermal developers require complete drilling program development and oversight, and GRG responded by providing full service drilling management services.

GRG has grown with an established reputation for being a geothermal consulting company focused on geosciences, drilling engineering, resource assessment, and other essential disciplines to meet our customer’s needs.

GRG, with a small permanent staff, has the freedom to partner with the specialists needed to complete each project efficiently with the right expert for the project. GRG has partner relationships with many subject experts, to add to the in-house expertise as needed, whether that be a specialist geophysicist, geochemist, modeler, or geologist.


Engineering, drilling project management

GRG works closely with the University of Utah to support the drilling of a geothermal well that will be used for testing new Engineered Geothermal System technology. The program is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy. GRG is providing well design, technical specifications for the drilling rig, ancillary services, and materials. GRG assisted with the rig selection and contracting of all services and materials. GRG will provide the drilling and testing supervision for this well planned for Q3 2017.


Drilling engineering, geosciences, and well site supervision

GRG has provided drilling supervision, senior geologists and well site geologists for the 36-well 330 MW development by Sarulla Operations Limited (SOL) at the Sarulla Geothermal Field in North Sumatra, Indonesia between 2014 and continuing through 2017. Up to four rigs were operating simultaneously during the peak of development drilling. The presence of a viable geothermal resource at the Sarulla Geothermal Field was first proved by Unocal Geothermal in the late 1980s with the completion of several of the world’s most productive geothermal wells. The development that commenced in 2014 required drilling, completion and testing of high temperature, high pressure, and highly productive geothermal wells. As the development drilling has continued, GRG was requested to take a larger role in providing drilling engineering services to SOL, with great success.


Geothermal exploration, conceptual model development and resource evaluation

GRG has an ongoing project with the City of Akutan located in the Aleutian Island chain of Alaska, United States to provide the technical and scientific aspects of the geothermal exploration and development for the proposed development of 5-10 MW. In 2010, GRG planned, coordinated, directed, and supervised the exploratory drilling of two thermal gradient wells. GRG supervised, designed, and executed the data analysis after the successful completion of drilling. GRG planned coordinated and executed a successful field season of MT and gravity data acquisition and creation of a new geological map of the prospect area in 2012. A contracted geophysical company provided the field expertise and equipment for execution of the geophysical surveys. GRG coordinated and participated in the interpretation of MT, gravity and geological data for the development of a conceptual model of the field area and selection of drilling targets in 2012 and 2013. The City of Akutan received funding to drill an exploration additional well in 2016, and GRG provided drilling planning, engineering, supervision, and mud logging services. GRG recently completed testing on this well, in summer of 2017.


Commonwealth of Dominica - Exploratory Drilling and Development Drilling

GRG was selected by the Commonwealth of Dominica to provide drilling engineering, drilling supervision, well testing, and other resource assessment activities for three exploration slim wells, one injection well and one production well. These are the first wells drilled in this Eastern Caribbean nation. The wells range in depth from 1200 m to 1900 m, reaching temperatures of 250°C. GRG selected the drilling target for the first production well, which proved to be highly productive, with an estimated power generation potential of 11 MW. Based on this discovery, development is continuing with additional well drilling and construction of a power plant.


Hudson Ranch Power I - Complete Drilling Program Management and Execution

Hudson Ranch Power I is an award-winning 49 MW development at the Salton Sea Geothermal Field in Imperial County, California. GRG was responsible for complete drilling program management, including drill rig tender, drilling contract negotiation, well design, drilling engineering, drilling planning, well site supervision and complete site logistics for the drilling and completion of seven geothermal wells. The wells completed by GRG are some of the most productive in the world. The materials required to construct wells in this high temperature, hyper-saline geothermal resource include high-nickel alloy casing, and specialized calcium phosphate cement blends to protect the well against the corrosive brines. Bottomhole temperatures in these wells are greater than 315°C. One well was drilled to 823 m and the remaining six were drilled to depths ranging from 2103 m to 2642 m. The Hudson Ranch Power I power plant is currently in full operation.

Other Notable Projects

  • The Peppermill Resort Spa Casino, Reno, Nevada - Large Scale Direct Use
  • Zorlu Energy Group, Turkey - Drilling Engineering and Supervision
  • Germencik, Turkey - Drilling Engineering and Supervision
  • Kalahari Geothermal Ltd., Zambia, Africa - Core Drilling Engineering and Site Supervision
  • Raft River Geothermal Project - Malta, Idaho - Planning and Execution of Enhanced Geothermal System Project or U.S. Department of Energy
  • Cibuni, Indonesia – Technical support for testing, well design and engineering, and workover supervision
  • Baturraden, Indonesia – Drilling engineering and supervision
  • Aegean Region, Turkey – Well design, engineering, drilling supervision
  • Kızıldere II Geothermal Project - Drilling engineering, supervision, and well testing
  • Alaşehir Geothermal Field - Relief well engineering and supervision
  • Momotombo, Nicaragua – Resource management and modeling
  • Salton Sea, California, USA – Drilling supervision, drilling project management, resource evaluation
  • Ethiopian Electric Power Company – Drill Rig Specifications
  • Puna Geothermal Venture - Production Drilling and Well Workovers
  • International Project Management - Olkaria III, Naivasha, Kenya
  • Kalahari GeoEnergy, Zambia – International Project Management and Core Drilling Supervision