Geothermal Resource Engineering Experts

From geothermal energy exploration to on site drilling management and development planning, Geothermal Resource Group Inc. (GRG) provides complete, cost-effective solutions for your resource engineering needs.  GRG can help you minimize drilling and development costs without compromising long-life, well production. Our hands-on team of geothermal experts averages over 20 years’ geothermal experience per professional, in 18 countries on 6 continents and at 87 hot water and steam fields worldwide.  We are the geothermal resource experts in the industry. Let GRG assist you with the planning, development, optimization, and management for a successful geothermal endeavor.

Geothermal Services

  • Drilling Engineering—designing geothermal wells and drilling programs.
  • Onsite Management—providing drilling supervision and select onsite services.
  • Resource Quantification—designing geothermal well flow tests to quantify and model productive capacity.
  • Special Operations—helping manage geothermal drilling challenges.
  • Training—classroom and online educational courses.

Why Hire Us

  • Our people are top hands trained in the art of geothermal drilling the Bill Rickard way.
  • We've managed complex projects around the world.
  • We're truly independent. We don't own rigs or equipment, so we choose them in an unbiased way.
  • We minimize costs without compromise to the design goal of long-life productive wells.

Industry Events

June 20 - August 12, National Geothermal Academy Sessions
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